Winterlude Triathlon 2023 In-Person Race is BACK!!

Winterlude Whatever Wrap-Up

Photo by Linda

Hi all.

Thank you for coming out to play at, and supporting, the event now affectionately known as Winterlude Whatever.   

We had a wonderful day at Mooney’s Bay on the snowshoe and ski trails.  The snowshoe course was tough (they always are) and the ski course was smooth and fast.  No one that we know of got lost, and we can assert that everyone finished with their nose and cheeks intact.

Additionally, for the first time ever, there was no lost and found!  Thank you for leaving no trace.

Thank you to Basia Vanderveen and Royal Lepage (www.basia.ca) for stepping in as a sponsor to help cover the cost of the very tasty vegetarian chili from Bridgehead.

Thanks to Bushtukah Great Outdoor Gear for their continued support of all Zone3sports events with a location for kit pick-up, the archway, and the prizes.

Sportstats Timing did their usual top notch job–they had their A Team on this race and were able to seamlessly deal with the changing formats, locations, and dates.  Results and all your lap splits can be found at www.sportstats.ca

The groomers and staff at Mooney’s Bay were fantastic, especially given the rapidly changing dates, formats, weather, wind and snow conditions.  The snow crust was almost too solid for the groomer to break though for the classic tracks but they persevered and got it done.

Thanks to our volunteers.  No event of this complexity could take place without the help of the fabulous and dedicated volunteers that helped set the course, direct you and feed you.  We were very fortunate to not need the first aid staff, but we had a very qualified group at the ready.  Frances Hardwick and David Nogas went above and beyond race day by pre-trampling and marking the snowshoe course.  They are not quite as heavy as the groomer, so the trampling may not have seemed obvious, but they tried.  Most importantly, markers were out for you to follow, and that was all their doing.

Finally, thanks to Emily MacDonald and the rest of the MacDonald family for their invaluable help.  Their cheery smiles were obvious while serving the hot chocolate, chili and butter tarts in the food tent.  Emily helped hand out the awards on Dows Lake twenty years ago.  This year, she was the volunteer coordinator, and did a masterful job.  The whole MacDonald family has been an integral part of race day since we started organizing the race.

We really appreciate your willingness and flexibility to adapt to the changes in the final 10 days.   While the format turned out really well, we are hopeful to be able to organize the 2024 version as a skate, run, ski event, and actually pull it off as planned.  That would be a welcome change!

Happy training.  Be safe.

Photo by Meika Ellis

Photo by Meika Ellis

Photo by Meika Ellis


Rick, Don and Emily

2023 updaes

Race day has moved to Sunday, Feb 5th, 8AM

Throughout our years of organizing the Winterlude Triathlon, we have had many formats and weather conditions, from warm to cold, windy, snowy, and of course, cold and windy and snowy.  We’ve always pulled it off and many of you have been there to experience the fun.

However, a forecasted temperature of minus 30 at race start is a record we do not want to achieve.  Minus 9 on Sunday with a high of 1 seems like a much better option.

Given this, in the interest of participant safety and that of the volunteers, the race will be postponed until Sunday, Feb 5th at 8AM.  

World Loppets, Federation International de Ski, the City of Ottawa and most other sports associations all have temperature limits for outdoor events.  They have them for a good reason and we believe they are reasonable.

Remember, kit pick up is Friday at Bushtukah, 203 Richmond Rd.  17:00-19:00.  Someone else can pick up your kit for you if necessary.  Your kit will include your travel mug and a coupon for Bushtukah.

It is with great excitement we can announce the return of the in-person Winterlude Triathlon.

Book the morning off: Saturday, Feb 4th, 2023. 8AM sharp

Distances for 2023 version of the race will be 6k Snowshoe + 10k Ski

With this change, everything will take place at Mooney’s Bay, on the same course.  The snowshoe will be 3 loops and the ski will be 3 loops.  The snowshoe will be beside the ski course, not on it.

If the conditions warrant safety considerations, Organizers reserve the right to shorten the race, or cancel it outright.

This format will actually simplify the race morning considerably:

  • The START, transition and FINISH will all be in one location, with washrooms and limited parking.
  • No shuttle buses.
  • This will be much more convenient for spectators.
  • After the first loop on the snowshoe, you’ll all know where to go.

Race Routes 2023


Please note: There will not be a relay category in 2023.  We hope you will choose to do the full race instead.

Get this Winterlude Triathlon Travel Mug included with your entry fee.