Winterlude Triathlon 2022 In-Person Race Cancellation

It is with regret and sadness that we must announce the cancellation of the in-person option of the Winterlude Triathlon. We will continue to offer the Virtual Winterlude Triathlon to those that would still like to keep their Triathlon tradition going.

This cancellation is due to a whole host of issues, not the least of which is the uncertainty about regulations going forward. We simply have no idea what rules and policies will be in effect Feb 5th for in-person gatherings and events.

Indeed, Winterlude itself has cancelled all in-person activities. There will be:

no ice slides,

no watching ice-carvers in action on Sparks Street,

no Snowflake Kingdom at Jacques-Cartier Park, and,

no Winterlude destinations in Ottawa.

We are still offering the Virtual Winterlude Triathlon as an option, with results posted to Sportstats.

You can skate, ski, run, and/or fatbike on any course you want, on any day you want from Feb 5th to 28th, in any order you want.

This means you can pick the nicest day offered to you by Mother Nature. It also means you can live in Norway, or Norway Bay, and still participate.

Obviously, we suggest you use the Rideau Canal Skateway for the skate if you live in the National Capital Region, but that is up to you.

The ski should ideally be a net zero elevation gain (unless you want to go more, or all, uphill).Event race distances available:

– The Original: Skate 8k – Ski 6k – Run 5k

– The Local: Skate 8k – Ski 6k – Run 5k

– The Double: Skate 16k – Ski 12k – Run 10k

– The Substitute: Skate 8k – Ski 6k – Run 5k (or Fat Bike/Snowshoe)Event result submission dates: Feb 5th to 28th