Race Information/Instructions

Race Information/Instructions

Winterlude Triathlon Instructions 2020

Below is essential information to make your Winterlude Triathlon experience as enjoyable as possible.

New for 2020, the order of events and the race courses have changed.  
The SKATE begins and finishes on the Rideau Canal Skateway at Bronson and Dows Lake.  The SKATE to RUN transition zone is at Hartwell Locks, adjacent to Carleton University.
The RUN is on the path to Bronson St. and then to the Terry Fox Facility at Mooney’s Bay.
The SKI is on the City of Ottawa ski course at the Terry Fox Facility.  You can actually ski on it before race day.  It’s two 3km loops.
There is FREE parking onsite at Terry Fox. There are warm change rooms, there are flush toilets and warm toilet seats!  Did we mention flush toilets and warm seats?
Free bus transportation is provided to get you and your supporters from Terry Fox to the SKATE start and supporters back to the finish line.

Winterlude Triathlon 2020 Specific Details and Rules


It’s going to be a lot of fun.

As race day, Saturday Feb. 1st, approaches, here are the finer details of how the 2020 Winterlude Triathlon is going to work, and what you need to know and do.

Relay Specific

  • The timing chip is your ‘baton’ and must be worn on the ankle of the participant.
  • All team members can take the bus to the START but it is up to the skier to get back to Mooney’s Bay in time to make the exchange with the runner.  This may be quite difficult, so is not recommended as an option.
  • The runner does not have to run with skates 🙂
  • Runners will wait on the ice at the fence end of the skate-run transition zone.
  • Skiers will wait at the far end/exit of run-ski transition zone with equipment on.
  • Skaters will be able to take one of the shuttle buses back to Mooney’s Bay.  They will be available from 8:30-9:15 and waiting at the same location at which you were dropped off.

Please read this document right to the end, especially your ‘almost mandatory’ race morning timeline.

We have arranged for three school buses to take you and your spectators/supporters to the start of the race, and your supporters from the Canal back to Terry Fox and the FINISH area.  Buses will begin at 6:30 am. They will run constantly and leave when close to full. Last bus departs Terry Fox at 7:30 AM. 

We have permission to drop athletes at Library Rd on Carleton University campus. Walk across Colonel By to the SKATE to RUN transition zone.
We have been warned by the NCC to NOT have cars stop on Colonel By Dr.

The START is on Dows Lake at the Bronson warming hut area, where there are washrooms, warming huts and maybe even a campfire or two.  The SKATE to RUN transition is at Hartwell Locks, and the run course is on the path as pictured on the race map site (https://ridewithgps.com/events/72371-winterlude-triathlon-2019)

With that said, here is your race morning routine:


On race morning:

Arrive at Terry Fox Athletic Facility/Mooney’s Bay no later than 7:00 AM.

Park for free at Terry Fox Facility.

Get your timing chip from the Sportstats tent, near the bus pick up location.

Understand the layout of the RUN to SKI transition zone. In one end, out the other. Then set up your run to ski transition spot.

Put your running shoes on, grab your warm clothing and bag, skates and other run stuff (with optional knapsack and/or helmet).

Make sure you have your timing chip. Bib number visible, on the front (jacket or leg, right or left side).

Shuttle buses to the START run from 6:30-7:30.

Get on one of the shuttle buses provided that will take you to Hartwell Locks.  

Understand and set up your SKATE to RUN transition zone spot.

Skate the 500m to the Bronson Ave. shacks/washrooms/firepit and hang out there until the ‘8:00 am sharp’ start.

10-15 min before the start, load your warm clothing into the U-Haul cube van at the START in a labelled bag.  No loose equipment.

Race courses can be seen here: https://ridewithgps.com/events/72371-winterlude-triathlon-2019

The skate course now includes a counter-clockwise loop around Dows Lake, then a left turn and head under the Bronson bridge, the Bank St. bridge, the new pedestrian overpass and continues toward the turnaround near Pretoria Bridge.  Turn left around the cones and volunteer then go back past the START to Hartwell Locks. There is NO loop on Dow’s Lake on the return trip.  You can wear any kind of skate you want–speed, hockey, figure, or clip-on blades.

The run course goes up the stairs at Hartwell Locks, then left on the pathway to Bronson Ave and back to Hartwell Locks, continues on the path to Hogs Back Rd, then Riverside Dr, then to the entrance staffed by volunteers and marked by cones.

The ski course is two 3km loops.  The course will be track set for both skate and classic skiing. 

The FINISH is the Bushtukah archway.  There will be volunteers in place to help you make the right choice.  

The New Rules

  1. No outside assistance is allowed at any point in the race.
  2. All participants must run in running shoes.  That is to say, you cannot run in your ski boots.  We all know how slippery they are on ice and pavement.
  3. No track spikes allowed.  You can wear Yaktrax or put screws in the soles of your shoes, but not actual track spikes.  They have traditionally not been worth it anyway.
  4. ALL participants MUST run with their skates or boots and blades the entire 5km.  You are not allowed to:
    1. drop them, run to Bronson and back then pick them up on the way back.  
    2. give them to anyone along the way.  This is in part due to fairness–not everyone has more than one pair of ski boots, or a supporter to help them.
    3. The pathway and the transition zones are too small to accomodate supporters standing in the way grabbing or handing off skates.


Some helpful hints for 2020


There will be washrooms on the Canal at Bronson which will be open early for us.  

There will be a cube van at the START to take your warm clothing back to Mooney’s Bay.  Put it in a bag and label it clearly so you can find it easily at the end.

Shuttle buses to the start will begin at 6:30 with the last one going at 7:30.  It is very important for you to be set up at Mooney’s Bay on time and catch one of these buses.

Volunteers and supporters are welcome to use the shuttle buses to and from the start (but no guarantee to get to Mooney’s Bay by the time your runner gets there).

Skating with a helmet has become popular.  It is not mandatory but it is something you might consider.  If you wear one, though, you will have to bring it to Mooney’s Bay while you run.  

If you are unlucky enough to fall during the skate, tuck your arms to your body, and do not try to get up until it is safe to do so.  

If someone around you falls, please shout “skater down!” to alert others around you.

The Rideau Canal is open to the public.  Please be considerate of everyone’s right to be on the ice.  That said, the front skaters will likely provide enough of a signal to let any general population on the ice know there is something special coming their way, that being you.

A knapsack is allowed for the run portion.

The skate/run transition will be on the Arboretum side of the Canal at Hartwell Locks. Count the pylons to narrow your search for equipment.

The first 500m of the run will go up the stairs, turn left and run the path to Bronson before turning around.  Please run on the left side of the path for this section. Once past the stairs at Hartwell Locks, move the right side of the pathway and run all the way to Hogs Back, Riverside and Mooney’s Bay.

We will not transport leftover equipment at the SKATE to RUN transition zone, so bring only what you need–running shoes and a bag, at most.

We will not be responsible for lost or stolen equipment left behind or anywhere along the way.

The RUN to SKI transition zone will be along the fence at the bottom of the toboggan hill on the inside or track side of the fence, not the outside.  Everyone will enter one end and exit at the other end, then put on their skis. It will be fair for all participants.

The ski course is two 3km loops.  

The finish line will be very obvious on the path adjacent to the RUN to SKI transition zone, under the Bushtukah arch.  

If you plan to get a drive to the start (but you shouldn’t), DO NOT stop on Colonel By Dr.  Instead, unload on Library Rd on the Carleton U campus. It’s right across the road from the SKATE to RUN transition zone.   If driving (but you shouldn’t), the route should be as follows: Riverside north (left), Hogs Back west (left), Colonel By northbound (right), first right at the lights on to University Ave. (right), quick left on to Library Rd. (left).


We look forward to seeing you at race kit pick up on Friday, Jan 31st.

If you have any other questions not addressed above, please contact Rick at zone3sports@gmail.com


Finish – Under the BUSHTUKAH banner beside the t-zone at the Terry Fox Facility.

Five-year age group awards and the Provincial Championships Ceremony will be at approximately 10 AM or as soon as possible IN THE TRANSITION ZONE
Awards for female and male individuals will go 3 deep. Overall winners are not eligible for age group prizes. Awards for teams will go to the fastest team in each category. You must be present to win a draw prize.  Thank you to BUSHTUKAH for race awards.
Results-Will be posted at http://www.sportstats.ca/


Thank you to Bushtukah, The National Capital Commission, Canadian Heritage, and Triathlon Ontario for supporting this year’s race.

If you would like to be a sponsor of the Winterlude Triathlon, please contact us at zone3sports@gmail.com

But before that:

Race Kit Pick-Up: Friday, Jan 31st, 17:00-20:00 @ Bushtukah Great Outdoor Gear, 203 Richmond Road.  There will be NO RACE DAY ENTRY OR KIT PICK-UP.

A friend can pick up your race kit for you.

Please note:We do not supply safety pins at kit pick up.

No refunds will be issued for any reason.