Race Rules, Virtual Version

Really, Really Simple

You can skate, ski, run, and/or fatbike on any course you want, on any day you want from Feb 5th to 28th, in any order you want.

This means you can pick the nicest day offered to you by Mother Nature. It also means you can live in Norway, or Norway Bay, and still participate.

Obviously, we suggest you use the Rideau Canal Skateway for the skate if you live in the National Capital Region, but that is up to you.

The ski should ideally be a net zero elevation gain (unless you want to go more, or all, uphill).

Event race distances available:

– The Original: Skate 8k – Ski 6k – Run 5k

– The Local: Skate 8k – Ski 6k – Run 5k

– The Double: Skate 16k – Ski 12k – Run 10k

– The Substitute: Skate 8k – Ski 6k – Run 5k (or Fat Bike/Snowshoe)

Event result submission dates: Feb 5th to 28th

After you register, on or about Feb 4th, you will be sent a personal link from Sportstats for you to upload your events using Garmin, Strava or a few other apps. Remember, some of these apps like Strava, calculate your time based on START/STOP/SAVE. They include the full duration of START/STOP, talk to someone or warm up, START/STOP/SAVE.

You will need to upload a separate per discipline (a skate file, a ski file and a run file), not all as one. 

Transitions do not count. 

Locations do not count. 

Upload only the file for the race distance (not warm up or cool down included).

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